Do You Qualify for Workers Compensation Benefits?

Workers compensation insurance is available to employees of a company who are injured on the job. The coverage pays the medical bills, rehabilitation costs, and sometimes, lost wages, after an accident. Everyone who works for an employer is entitled to workers compensation insurance no matter who is responsible for the accident. However, there are a few qualifications one must meet in order to get the coverage after an accident.

First, the employer must offer workers’ compensation coverage. Although most companies are required by law to carry workers compensation insurance, those with five or fewer employees are not required to carry coverage. Next, you must be an actual employee of the company and not an independent contractor. Generally speaking, contractors are not entitled to workers compensation baltimore md benefits, but with the help of a lawyer, this may change.

To receive workers’ compensation benefits you must report the accident to the manager or supervisor on duty. They must make a report of the incident and you must visit the doctor or emergency room of their choosing for care. Failure to report the incident on a timely basis is one of the biggest reasons for a denial. There are time limits in place for which you may file in order to receive benefits. Be sure to file before this time.

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If you meet the qualifications above, it is safe to say that you qualify for benefits if you are injured on the job and should take advantage of the benefits that you are entitled to receive. If you are not getting satisfactory results and think that you qualify for workers comp, it is a good idea to speak to an attorney for help. You can get better results with the help of a lawyer on your side.